About Us

Star Traders is water engineering based organization, expert in dealing all sort of water treatment processes,  providing services of supplying water treatment products and assembling Reverse Osmosis System in customized design. Star Traders capable to supply Reverse Osmosis Components and complete Systems, for commercial and Industrial applications.Star traders provides its product rapidly around the world ensuring quality and customer compliance. Our Products creditability and industrial reputation is known for high quality and superior performance. Star Traders is working with USA based companies with operation in the field of Water Technology.


Star Traders is a designer and manufacturer of the commercial and industrial water filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Deionizer, water Softener and dosing control equipment systems in the industry. We provide both standard and customized designs in a large range of different systems, and include all pre-treatment and post-treatment equipment. Our engineers are capable to design the right products to fit your application and the best solution for your requirements.

Star Traders is fully competent to supply any type of Reverse Osmosis Systems and capable of achieving any desired specification of treated water. The company has vast experience to design and fabricate the Reverse Osmosis system. With expertise of star traders, you will receive economical solution that creates value for you while reducing your operating costs for reverse osmosis systems.