Electric water Cooler

Refrigeration System: Fitted with world renowned high starting torque, high back pressure compressor, condenser and fan slightly over sized to ensure efficient working in high ambient temperature. Copper cooling Coil Metal bounded to out side water tank. Whole system hermetically sealed with R 134A Refrigerant. Water System: All Copper/Brass. water system large capacity water tank made of heavy guage stainless steel, tank safety tested at (150 PSI) with recommended maximum working pressure of (71 PSI) Fitted with High Quality Chrome Plated Brass taps. Thermostat: High Quality water temperature control thermostat adjustable from 9C to 15 C.

Available Capacity:

  • 35 Gallons

  • 45 Gallons

  • 65 Gallons

  • 90 Gallons

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