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Whole House Water Filters

Whole House – also known as Point-of-Entry (POE) – systems connect to the water supply where it enters the house. This allows all of the water used throughout your home to be treated, including water used in your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry.

If you have a water quality issue affecting all areas of your home, then a Whole House (POE) filtration and/or treatment solutions would be the best choice for you. POE systems are capable of treating much more water than Point-of-Use (POU) systems, making them the ideal choice for homes affected by:

•Hard water – While quite healthy to drink, hard water can cause scale buildup in pipes and on fixtures, interfere with the effectiveness of soap (laundry and bath), and shorten the life of appliances such as dishwashers and hot water heaters.

•Heavy sediment in the water – A POE system helps prevent sediment from damaging hot water heaters, plumbing systems, soiling laundry or dishes, or adversely affecting drinking and cooking water.

•Special contaminants such as iron, lead, bacteria and viruses – A POE device allows you to treat your specific concerns directly, for example with a filter designed to remove iron, lead (from the home’s plumbing and pipes) or chlorine residue (if the water is disinfected), or with an filtration system that reduces bacteria and viruses.

Note that POE systems are generally designed to treat water before it enters your hot water heater, so both hot and cold water is treated. Any water taps leading to the outside of your home, like those supplying garden hoses or sprinkler systems, would not pass through the POE systems thus remain untreated.

We are pleased to offer a wide selection of whole house water filters designed specifically to meet the higher water flow rates encountered on a home’s main incoming water line. In addition to offering basic systems designed to remove sediment, dirt, and rust particles, we also offer a complete range of whole house water filter packages for the removal of chlorine, chloramine, cysts, VOC’s, iron, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell), certain heavy metals, and a wide range of contaminants responsible for bad taste and odors in residential water supplies. We also manufacture UV which are designed specifically to sterilize residential water to kill bacteria and viruses.

Our whole house systems are designed for high flow rate applications, however, it is always important to note that as with all water treatment applications, the faster you flow water through the system (higher flow rate), the less effective the filter will be. To help you select a system that will provide you with the best possible contaminant removal rates, please note the maximum flow rates specified for each system and select a model that suits your maximum flow rate needs in your home.

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