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Water Filter Pakistan

Ultra Filtration System

Aqua Drinking Water System

Pure and clean water is essential for human health. Tap water is usually polluted, impure and unfit for drinking purposes. It carries germs for cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C and many other fatal diseases involving liver, stomach and kidney. Drinking not only should look clean but is has to be pure too.

Aqua  Water Filter is installed directly to your tap and possesses a modern Pure water purification filter technology which makes the quality and the taste of your drinking water much better by catching and removing chemical chlorine side products, trihalomethanes, benzene, MTBE, chlorine, atrazine, lead, and mercury. Carbon filter, contained in faucet water filters, help to remove practically most of bacteria which get into your water, ensuring you’re consuming safe and healthy drinking supply.


  • 2 gallon per minute output
  • 99.99% reduction of bacteria and viruses
  • 1 micron sediment pre-filter
  • CBC-10 carbon block filter
  • 115V/1Ph/60Hz ballast
  • Easy installation and compact design
  • Unit includes an attractive long reach faucet, feed adapter, and spanner wrench
  • 0.35 micron sediment filter on UVR-4

How does the Ultra Violet Light kill the bacteria?

The Ultra Violet light ray penetrates the outer membrane of the bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold and algae, and it destroys the DNA that is responsible for the reproduction and survival of the organisms.


Safer, healthier water has never been easier.

The high germicidal output assures 99.99% reduction of bacteria and viruses…without leaving any harmful residues in the treated water. The design of the UVR series makes it very manageable for installation and maintenance. Only a small screwdriver is required for annual lamp replacement.

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